SHIFT: Versatile Seating Unit (2018) 

Concept Design: Joseph Herzig 

Development & Production: Joseph Herzig, Benjamin Chew, Nicholas Praticante

Materials: baltic birch plywood, powder-coated aluminum, & upholstered foam  

2018 Winner of the Cortex Design Award for "Most Innovative Use of Materials" 

SHIFT is an expandable seating unit designed for flexible spaces. Made from sustainably sourced birchwood frames and powder coated aluminum tubes, SHIFT is durable, versatile, and eco-friendly.

The unit can be adjusted between its three settings, sitting up to four people.

A smooth sliding mechanism allows the user to effortlessly change the configuration to fit their needs.

Comfortable foam cushions are stored underneath when SHIFT is collapsed. When fully expanded, bags may be placed in the cushion storage area and keeps them clean.

Cushions are backed with a thin sheet of birchwood which allows them to be flipped over and used as a hard surface.

Full-scale prototype

CAD-Model // Exploded View

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